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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
Maybe the easier question is, how is Vs2 not obscure? The way it's used around here is practically a custom ATD invention.
I meant it's not obscure in the sense that it's easy to understand what it means, and it's the best thing we've come up with.
He was definitely a star, both on and off the ice.
I think our definitions of "star" are different. I see only a handful of players in this draft that you could call "stars" because their context was they were a famous Olympian only(Seth Martin) or a star because they played in an international/inferior league(Herb Carnegie and Jozef Malecek). But if they played in the NHL, I don't think any of them would be stars.

Raleigh wouldn't have been in the AAA if the ATD had been a 1000-pick draft.
You could say that about plenty of guys. Doesn't mean anything.

It sounds like you answered your own argument there.
You cut out the caveat that quantified that entire statement.
Where do you think Raleigh ranks during his best 8 years?
During his best 8 years(his only real 8 years of production) he was 7th in the NHL in assists. On a APG basis, he was 12th among players with at least 100 games played. During those 8 years, there were 95 forwards in the NHL that played at least 100 games, and he was the ~9th best playmaker. During Ribeiro's prime(03-04 to 11-12), there were 640 forwards that played at least 100 games, and he was the ~15th best playmaker. 9th out of 95, or 15th out of 640?

I look at a guy like Ribeiro, who I admit is a talented player, and I see a guy who has never actually done anything with his stats. He has had exactly one respectable playoff in his career, and that ended with him being mostly ineffective in the semifinals (1 or 2 meaningful points in 6 games). Other than that, honestly, his career seems pretty empty of meaning. People remember him as a diver and a wuss because he hasn't given them much else to hang onto in the ensuing 6 or 7 years.
There are plenty of guys that have "hollow" stats in their careers, but they are still highly regarded. Not every guy gets the chance to play on a cup-contending team and plays great in the playoffs, it's just the luck of the draw sometimes that the guy is a good player that just doesn't get the chance to play on teams that are that good. Take Jay Bouwmeester for example, who has logged some of the most minutes in the NHL since the lockout, but has never been on a playoff team.

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