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06-03-2006, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by bladoww
Just got a pair of CCM 652 Supertacks ice skates and am going to use the boot for my next inlines. I am using the frame from my old skates and even though they are both Tacks, the older skate's outsole heel is about an 1/8th of an inch thicker than my newer ones (a lot of the new skates have a much thinner sole). Doesn't seem like a whole lot but it will make the mounting more accurate and of course the transition for me won't be nearly as bad.

Anyone ever put a washer or something between the heel and the frame to raise the pitch to more of a forward tilt? Gotta figure someone's had this issue before.
I always convert my old ice skates into rollerblades, but never had the problem you are talking about.

I've converted Grafs, Bauers, Megas and Eastons, but never CCMs.

Is the sole a flat plastic base, or is it the composite base?

It is hard to mount the frame on the composite base, and I wouldn't make any adjustments to the frame if this is the case.

I would just leave it alone and adjust to it. I always felt off in my skates when I convert them...but just for a few days, then they feel as good as my old ones.

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