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Originally Posted by Langway View Post
2005-2006: +0.40%
2006-2007: -2.76%
2007-2008: +0.48%
2008-2009: -12.90%
2009-2010: -9% [approximate, haven't seen precise figure]
2010-2011: -4.0%
2011-2012: -6-8% [reportedly between that range]

That's the history of salary percentage either forfeited or gained under the past CBA due to the agreed upon linkage between player salaries and Hockey Related Revenue. The concept of full face value contracts died in the NHL seven years ago. The buyout mechanism renders it subject to further important agreed upon caveats.

Given that seemingly secondary concerns like term limits on future contracts, transition rules and CBA length are now at the forefront of disagreement it's a matter of the players realising when to cut their losses. Some, like Hamrlik, are able to see beyond the corner but the majority seem fairly vindictive. Both sides are waiting for the other to break while all that's being strained is fan patience/goodwill and the partnership needed for growth. You'd have to think it's going to be an 11th hour agreement, if there's one at all. The tenor from the beginning has suggested it.
Oooookay.... so your argument is like the Minnesota owner's argument:

"Forget the fact that we signed 2 players to contracts worth $196 million... we cannot afford what we just did, and the body of the NHL players (who make too much money) should forgive us."

One question: are the 2 players still required to report to training camp?

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