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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Have a link to what Fehr proposed on cap escrow?
It's been widely remarked upon. Just today I heard Darren Dreger, Bob Mackenize and Pierre LeBrun talk about it.

Gary Bettman can't have it both ways.
A different solution to common issues isn't having it both ways.

The NBA deal included a 2 year transition period. The cap remained at $58,044,000 for 2 years. Cap on escrow. One amnesty buyout per team. The biggest change in the NBA CBA was higher luxury taxes which don't begin until year 3 of the CBA. Why is Gary insisting on a $60M cap in year 2? No transition period. The NHL is proposing players making above $105,000 playing in the AHL count against the cap. Many teams will stripped bare with a $60M cap in year 2.
Again a different solution to common issues isn't having it both ways. Common issue, different leagues, different solutions.

The pension? The players are funding the pension.
First we don't really know how it will be paid for or what the agreement the players and owners had (Before Fehr stepped back into the the way I believe nothing of what Fehr says given he has misrepresented every single one of his offers). And given the players asked for it can they then whine about it afterwards?

Revenue sharing is for the teams. The NHLPA wants more revenue sharing than the $200M-$220M proposed by the NHL. That's to help the smaller market teams. The NHL should be looking to increase it by themselves than rather have the PA demand they increase it. The PA proposed $240M.
The PA hasn't even commented on it since August by and large. IN the very first offer the NHL gave they increased revenue sharing from the previous CBA. The PA wanted more and the NHL increased it further. Just because the PA proposed $240 INITIALLY doesn't mean they get $240. THey got more. The NHl moved very close to their position.

Got anything else?
Don't think I need anything else because, quite frankly, you got nothing.

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