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Originally Posted by CIROfresh View Post
what ive found is it's based on a combo of star rating/salary/ and overall rankings

cause when i get up under the top 500, its doesnt seem to matter if i make 4 star line-up it still puts me up against other contender type teams..

.. If your having trouble with match-ups.. play the under 27K tourny.. (i'm liking this one, level playing field)

Or bring your star rating down before you go for an onlline game..

.. Correct me if im wrong, but this is how i've found it to be.. IMO
I believe you are right. But it's kind of hard for me to comment because I play almost all my games after 2AM, so most of the time I think they just give me the 1st player that searches.
Originally Posted by Ugly Iisak View Post
Pretty good, when i get in offense zone with these 3 guys, usually that RUMBLE ends for goal Iginla dekes, Thornton passes & Nash scores.

If somebody haves scoring problem, go & buy Corey Perry. What an amazing player! ~120 games & 90~ goals (!).
Here's some Perry magic:
Someone asked about him a couple days ago. Of all the forwards I've used this year, I think Perry is my favorite. He's hard to knock off the puck and has such a great shot. He also has good enough speed.

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