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Originally Posted by Racer14 View Post
What's the ETA have to offer this year?

my opinion:

Gerhart (Bar)
McCool (whitby)
Luchuk (kgn)
Harding (YSE)
Baird (A-P)
Heeps (osh)
Corneil (COW)
Visconti (SCC)
Falconer (BAR)
Boston (YSE)
Leblanc (Kgn)


Scott (Kgn)
Macarthur (bar)
Holmes (Bar)
Hawley (Kgn)
Lemcke (Whitby)
Long (whitny)
Schlichting (YSE)
Thompson (SCC)
Nesbitt (clarington)

what do you guys think? Missing any of the top guys?
Nott on YSE
Sansom, Pickard, Savoy on Barrie. Savoy hits like a truck and Smilsky has great hands, but a bit on the smallish side.

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