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Originally Posted by thefeebster View Post
Who says he has a weak first pass? If he was strong defensively, who knows if he would have been available for us in the 4th?

Using one of the players you mentioned, Ryan McDonagh was drafted out of high school where he was considered a complete defensemen, exceptional at both ends of the rink. He was selected 12th overall. If McNally had McDonagh's defensive awareness, there is no doubt in my mind he would have gone earlier than 115th. What you are describing or wanting is not a guy you will get in the late 4th round. Late round picks aren't without their flaws, it depends on how they work at it and whether they are willing to work at it.

I believe you missed the point. The point was that you don't hit with all your selections, no team can, not even a team you have consistently touted as superior. You are going to get duds and guys who are a work in progress.

That's the point you are trying to make, not the one I am advocating. Of course, in the general sense, you are going to get duds in the later rounds. But some teams like DET get value here because they take physically flawed (size, skating) players that have a higher IQ and better skill and it works.

How does a team like DET get Almqvist in round 7. His main strength is his IQ. Next is Nyquist, a 4th rounder, who again plays a heady game first and foremost. These picks also have flaws, but their flaws are largely mitigated in how they process the game.

About the first pass: I'm not saying McNally's is poor, only that he might be looking to rush first than pass, when this system goes the other way. He'll have to rely on his pass, good or otherwise, than his rush to make this team.

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