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12-18-2012, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Huffer View Post
Ahh, gotcha. I hear with what you are saying in regards to the late birthday thing. I guess I don't know if that's more important than the actual amount of games played and practices attended by players playing the same amount of seasons in the CHL.

So I guess I'm just thinking that a late birthday could be more physically ready after their second year after being drafted (20 year old year), but in terms of games played and CHL development they would be in the same place as other guys regardless of age.
WHL uses birth year, not draft year. So in every respect, guys like Sutter are 19 year olds. They have had the exact same amount of time eligible to be in the WHL as a Scheifele at 19. They should be just as physically developed by the end of their 19 year old year as a regular age draftee who finishes their 19 year old year. The stupid NHL makes things confusing by making certain birthdays wait a year for being drafted, but in any other respect, Sutter is like an 11 draftee. IMO, he should be treated as such.

Remember though, I am not saying Sutter has to step into NHL. But he needs to be ready to play AHL or even ECHL, just like ANY other 20 year old. If you cannot even crack an AHL/ECHL roster (especially a talent poor St. John's lineup) at 20, you are done as an NHL prospect.

Originally Posted by Tintin's Ghost View Post
fwiw, Sutter's played a real solid shut down role for the Blades over the past 3-4 weeks. He's strong on faceoffs and is always agitating the guys he is assigned to shut down. Sucks that we wasted a 2nd rounder on him, true. I hope Jets brass were just dealing with a post-Stanley stiffy over the size of the Kings and decided to draft that way for one year, learning from their mistakes. Jets definitely got Brett Sutter instead of Brandon.

One thing, though. Lots of posters on here and other parts of HF were pretty high on Sutter pre-draft. The esteemed Renegade Stylings even came on this board saying how lucky we were to get him and said Sutter went early, but just barely. Unless all these HF regulars are full of crap (which actually wouldn't surprise me as there lots of folks on HF who talk with authority but really know no more than the casual viewer) you gotta think there is some skill and potential hidden beneath all those PIMs and horrible +/-. Then again, he's been fallen in the depth chart behind a 16 year old center for 2nd line duty during a Mem Cup run so no tangible reason to believe he is any sort of playmaker/scorer.

Maybe he can skate up the ice and clear room for Yuen to skate pretty to the net in a couple of years.
I liked Sutter pre-draft. Definately had him mid-second round. I definitely had him ranked right around where he went. My rankings are posted here for all to see and laugh at anyways. But the fact is, when you are 19, even if you project as a grinder 3rd line C, you gotta be able to dominate the CHL. It is mighty mighty concerning how badly he is playing. I have not watched too much Blades, but it is concerning. However the crux of my argument has been based on IF Sutter fails to make pro hockey next year, which is a long way off. That's all I have been saying, it's still early with Sutter.

Also, I know I have been often accused of "speaking with authority" and "shutting down other opinions" etc on these boards, but all I am doing is stating my opinions based on my viewings/research/history with these players. Just because I don't say "IMO" after every sentence does not make that less so. So think of me as arrogant or whatever, but i am just stating my opinion. And it's all there if anyone wants to dig it up, good and bad. So whatever listen or don't I don't mind, but I'm on here to get others perspectives on things and share my own.

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