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Originally Posted by Jrfever View Post
A slew foot is called a trip. It is clearly explained in the rules, if you would like to check again.

There was no slew foot. That is why you can't describe it and the ref. called a roughing penalty.

Let me help you out, as I had a clear view of the play, and I know that rink has some obstructed views. Audi high sticked Edwards near the net. As the whistle blew, I believe because the puck was covered not for the penalty, Audi's stick was still jammed into the shoulder/neck area of Edwards. Edwards pushed Audi's stick out of the way, and shoved Audi chest/chin area. This was pretty much just regular crease activity that happens in every game: nothing remarkable.

I have no problem with the calls. It should be noted that the ref. who made the call was behind the players. It is possible that Edwards did not know that Audi was being penalized when he reacted to Audi's aggression, but he would have to tell you that.

As for addressing undisciplined play, I am certain it can be done without embarrassing the player.
You must be a family member not to see that it was an undisipline penalty....everyone in Pembroke was thanking Edwards for the dumb penalty...drop it and move on...

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