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12-18-2012, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Grant View Post
Reading your guys stories about parents makes me realize how lucky I am. We did go to church every sunday for a while, but me and brother were never afraid to voice our displeasure of it (cause it was boring of course). We got busy and we just stopped going. Last time I went was probably 5 years ago now. Last non-holiday service I went to was probably 10 years ago now. They also don't nag me as much as they seem to get with you guys. Mind you I have never been a bad kid really and needed their nagging. I've just always been able to see things from their point of view I guess so I don't do anything that makes them hate me
You're just a good kid.

Just wait until your mom meets here future daughter in law.

Just kidding.

Hey maybe you are lucky and got parents that aren't insane.

Pity the rest of us.

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