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12-18-2012, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I liked Sutter pre-draft. Definately had him mid-second round. I definitely had him ranked right around where he went. My rankings are posted here for all to see and laugh at anyways. But the fact is, when you are 19, even if you project as a grinder 3rd line C, you gotta be able to dominate the CHL. It is mighty mighty concerning how badly he is playing. I have not watched too much Blades, but it is concerning. However the crux of my argument has been based on IF Sutter fails to make pro hockey next year, which is a long way off. That's all I have been saying, it's still early with Sutter.

Also, I know I have been often accused of "speaking with authority" and "shutting down other opinions" etc on these boards, but all I am doing is stating my opinions based on my viewings/research/history with these players. Just because I don't say "IMO" after every sentence does not make that less so. So think of me as arrogant or whatever, but i am just stating my opinion. And it's all there if anyone wants to dig it up, good and bad. So whatever listen or don't I don't mind, but I'm on here to get others perspectives on things and share my own.
Whoa now. I'm not referencing you in my post. Nor anyone else on HF Jets for that matter. I can see how it looks though with my post following yours. I've got nothing but love for Jets fans. I was taking a shot at some of the "scouts" on the main boards.

Your point on Sutter should be dominating in the WHL is duly noted. I see him as a workable cog in the Blades machine and I'm good with that because I'm cheering for the Blades. Putting on my rosy Jets lenses for a second and I'm not so stoked about Sutter. In fact, if the Jets do sign him and he goes pro then I could see him go the ECHL route for the first year which is obviously not want you want with a 2nd rounder.

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