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12-18-2012, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
Ive only seen him once but I will say that Barrie fans absolutely love him so he cant be as bad as what he was in London. It really just seems like he either wasnt giving it his all in London or his confidence was completely shot.

Hes gotta have some of the best wheels in the CHL and has some pretty nasty hands plus this year hes putting up a decent amount over a point per game without much PP time at all. With the lack of skilled forwards, especially from his draft year I think hečll actually have a pretty good shot at the team. Knighs fans cant stand him and Barrie fans cant believe London let him get away beause hes been such a different player this year. I didnt even want the wings to draft him hoestly and now hes tearing up pretty good, Ičm changing my tune.

I guess I see him there because pretty much all the guys drafted from Canada in that year were grinder types, not high skill speedster types like Athanasiou.

I dont see Gaunce making it. Hes not really producing and there are better 2 way gritty players to play on the team
As I said last year before the draft, the problem with Athanasiou has been his lack of hockey sense. I haven't seen any Barrie games outside of the one against London this year, so to be fair he could have improved, but I doubt it. Athanasiou is a talented player. He has great speed, nice size and very good hands.. but his problem has been hockey sense.

Here's a post I had on him just before the draft last year:

Originally Posted by HossTheBoss View Post
You'd regret taking him in the 1st round. He's got elite speed and great hands, but he doesn't really have a great mind for the game, IMO. He's not untalented, he just seems like a guy with a bunch of tools but no toolbox. He either doesn't utilize his teammates like he should or doesn't recognize when/how to use them.. personally, I think it's the latter and that's why he'll fall to the late 2nd/3rd round.

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