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Originally Posted by Tintin's Ghost View Post
fwiw, Sutter's played a real solid shut down role for the Blades over the past 3-4 weeks. He's strong on faceoffs and is always agitating the guys he is assigned to shut down. Sucks that we wasted a 2nd rounder on him, true. I hope Jets brass were just dealing with a post-Stanley stiffy over the size of the Kings and decided to draft that way for one year, learning from their mistakes. Jets definitely got Brett Sutter instead of Brandon.

One thing, though. Lots of posters on here and other parts of HF were pretty high on Sutter pre-draft. The esteemed Renegade Stylings even came on this board saying how lucky we were to get him and said Sutter went early, but just barely. Unless all these HF regulars are full of crap (which actually wouldn't surprise me as there lots of folks on HF who talk with authority but really know no more than the casual viewer) you gotta think there is some skill and potential hidden beneath all those PIMs and horrible +/-. Then again, he's been fallen in the depth chart behind a 16 year old center for 2nd line duty during a Mem Cup run so no tangible reason to believe he is any sort of playmaker/scorer.

Maybe he can skate up the ice and clear room for Yuen to skate pretty to the net in a couple of years.
I hope the Jets fell in love with Sutter dreaming of (or better yet projectioning) Lucic like power forward upside rather than via a reactionary stiffy.

Either way, the pick isn't looking great.

I really didn't like the pick on draft day (and got crapped on for being vocal) because I didn't see much upside in him. The enthusiasm of others evened my keel, but the fact that his scoring has vanished is really disappointing to me.

Hopefully he can figure things out.

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