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12-18-2012, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Michael Del Ziti View Post
I don't see the logic here. It's not like the blues don't have money. Their player are making more money in a few years, so there has to be money somwhere. The rangers on the other hand will pay 11 million less for Richards in a few years.

The is a reason the salary cap uses average salary, not yearly salary, and cap wise, the Rangers are paying a whooping 1 million more than the blues
That's actually exactly what is happening. The Blues absolutely have to go deep in the playoffs soon or else they won't have the money to sign their big guys. They've lost money for a long time and need to have wildly successful years if they're going to establish themselves as a club that can financially compete with the big dogs. At the moment, the money just isn't there.

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