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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien
Hmmm. Maybe I will try try again, then. People kept telling me to track down this whole line of history, because it seemed to fit with the folk/country/rock infatuation I had at the time. But the first thing I did in it all was buy Summerteeth, and I thought, whoah, this is basically just pop. Catchy, cute, ok, but very generic pop, I thought. Forget it. Guess I took a right when I should have taken a left????
I had only vaguely heard of UT,and never of Son Volt. So after I replied to Le3C, I gave my daughter a call to ask about them, as they sound like bands that would appeal to me. It so happens she has a UT anthology which she'll have in my grimy hands by next weekend. She isn't as big a fan as Turnbuckle of SV, but figured I'd like them, she knows my tastes better than I do it appears. Always fun to get her started on musical genres and who is or isn't taking it in what direction.

I relayed RakeThe Leaves comments about the Sadye's being a bit boring, RTL, and well, you'd best be careful on the streets of NDG, she blew a gasket. Of course my telling her was to get precisely that reaction. She may be still ranting. I told her to take it easy, the guys a Canadiens fan, she said, so am I, boring, that's ridiculous. Thanks, a day annoying your child is a day well spent.

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