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Originally Posted by Michael Del Ziti View Post
I don't see the logic here. It's not like the blues don't have money. Their player are making more money in a few years, so there has to be money somwhere. The rangers on the other hand will pay 11 million less for Richards in a few years.

The is a reason the salary cap uses average salary, not yearly salary, and cap wise, the Rangers are paying a whooping 1 million more than the blues
Checks are made for real dollars, not cap hits.

The reason the cap uses average and not actual is owners of the rich teams insisted it be that way so they could still flex their financial muscles.

The Blues have a top ten fanbase in the NHL. LINKS:,,,

Yet the fact is St. Louis doesn't have enough corporate sponsors, nor can they sustain that attendance at significantly higher ticket prices like those in New York.

The Blues, despite ranking 9th in attendance last season, with 18,000+ per game, lost ~$20 million last season.

Ask Blues fans, most of us don't expect the Blues to be able to keep all of our young players. We have a little bit of time, but a few years down the road are going to be painful as our young homegrown talent reaches UFA.

I don't know that I can help you if you honestly think that St. Louis has money that they chose not to spend. That simply isn't the case at all.

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