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12-18-2012, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Vince McMahon View Post
I did. I like a wide variety of wrestlers.
Oh, I don't "hate" or even "dislike" guys like Benoit or Benjamin, they serve their purpose. But to me, these guys are easily replacable, they don't bring anything unique to the show. I can't get excited for the return of a guy that outside of good matches, gives us nothing. There are a multitude of wrestlers that can do that. Maybe not at that level, I do agree, but they aren't "awesome".

I don't like body builders without charisma like Bobby Lashley for the exact same reasons. He is a physical freak, but he has the charisma of a banana peel. I need to be emotionally involved with the characters to trully appreciate them. I love guys like Sandow, Punk and Ziggler because they bring a complete package. I also like Ambrose (don't know what to think about Reigns and Rollins yet). But I can't get emotionally involved with guys that have no charisma at all, even if they are good wrestlers.

Like I said, they serve their purpose, they can elevate other talent, but I don't think they are "awesome". At best, they make others look better and that's about it.

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