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12-19-2012, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by The Amazing Ralph View Post
As a Leafs fan, I think Schultz will turn into a perennial 60-70 point dman, with the possibility of touching a PPG. He is a freaking beast. I'd much rather have him over Gardiner, who is also good, but IMO will be more of a 50ish pt dman.
Gardiner IMO is underrated by many non Leafs fans, kid will be a damn good NHLer for many years to come. That said I agree and the facts that we got him for free and that he chose us when we have been spurned so many times in the past it just makes me smile ear to ear.

Originally Posted by luongo321 View Post
Come play for Canucks. Pleaseeeeeeeee. Man, that Oilers team has clutch written all over it. They are going to be an absolute nightmare to play against in the playoffs. I know it may be tough for them the next year or two, but if they get into the playoffs, they definitely have enough offensive power to run any team into the ground. Eberle is more clutch than anyone in the league. Yakupov, hall, eberle, rnh, schultz, SAM ****ING GA8NE. I even think Dubnyk is fairly solid. I'm already scared as a Canucks fan. Their high-end offensive skill is so much better than ours. Sure, the sedins have amazing plays, but the deking, sniping ability and speed on that oilers team is just incredible. There is a reason why they beatdown the Blackhawks a few times last season.
I'm not sure that Gagner will be a long term fit TBH, that said once we start adding some solid vets to the mix we should be a pretty good team.

Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
the context is quite simple. Schultz has a shooting % of 19.2 (26 GP-14 G and 73 SOG). Schultz has taken 2.80 S/game.

Now let's look at all of the Dmen total's of shooting % who shoot over 2 shots per game, to take out guys that shoot a couple times a year and I'm actually being very beneficial to Schultz here.

I'll go back to all post lockout seasons.

So all this talk about Schultz shooting % in the NHL between 10-12% is possible but extremely unlikely given only 9 guys have done it in the 7 seasons since the lockout (after taking out the 1 and 14 game guys).

Now let's take a closer look at how all Dmen have done overall since the lockout.

we can see that those Dmen who averaged more than 10% have 2 things in common

First they all have very low shots totals and low SPG as well.

The only guy who has a large sample and plays full time on a PP, both of which Schultz is expected to do, is Visnovsky at 9.5%.

Now maybe Schultz will do better but the actual chances of him doing so, and at a 10% clip for any period of time seems really low, especially given that in the 1st list no player did it in 12 with the bigger shift to defensive play in then 2nd half of the season.

The REALITY is 26 games in the AHL, the history of the AHL is littered with many players who scored at exceptional rates for such short periods of time and many had little to no NHL success.

Now I'm fully confident that Schultz will ahve a very good NHL career but all this mumbo jumbo about elite NHL skills and maintaining a shooting % of 10-12% is just nonsense at this point.
You can downplay his accomplishments in the AHL all that you want, but this isn't your normal AHL. No matter how you slice it when a defenseman is top 10 in league scoring that is amazing, let alone when he's leading the league. I still stand by my statement that he will shoot 10% or better a number of times in his career. His wrist shot is exceptional in velocity and placement and he gets it through almost at will.

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