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12-19-2012, 01:15 AM
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Got in the finals thanks to a solid kick from Gostkowski lol... Need help with basically setting up my whole team, playing my buddy who thinks he is hot **** and I rrreeally want to beat him

QB: (pick one)
Newton vs. Oakland
Manning vs Cleveland

RB: (pick two)
Spiller vs. Miami
Richardson vs. Denver
Morris vs. Philly
D. Williams vs Oakland

WR: (pick two)
D. Thomas vs Cleveland
Cobb vs Titans
Wayne vs Chiefs
Austin vs Saints

(Any of the ones up top)

TE: (pick one)
Olsen vs Oakland
Daniels vs Minny

Defense: (Pick one)
San Fran vs Seatle
(this is the defense I got on my team right now, the others are waiver wire pickups I can pick up)
Falcons vs Lions
Indy vs Cheifs

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