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12-19-2012, 02:45 AM
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Diagnose yourself as much as you want but you'll only have suspicions, never confirmation (though sometimes even what the docs confirm turns out to be little better than an educated guess, albeit more educated than the ones we make when self diagnosing). I've tried researching and self diagnosing many times in the past and found that, as strong as your suspicion may be and even though it likely seems to grow in conviction the more you read, read enough and you're just as likely to stumble upon another diagnosis which seems even more likely. In other words, the odds of you bring right are slim. The possibility of accurately self-diagnosing is very real and, I imagine, depending on the ailment you're attempting to diagnose, varies case to case but, I wouldn't count on getting it right. Regardless, it can be beneficial as, unless you try to self medicate, some of the advice you can come across for minimizing your symptoms can, at best be helpful even if your diagnosis is inaccurate and, at worst be harmless but also pointless.

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