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12-19-2012, 07:12 AM
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It pretty funny how misleading just normal hockey stats can be. When going deeper with the numbers, I couldn't find anything "wrong" what Pulkkinen is doing. There's pretty much just reasonable things.

Teemu's icetime has dropped for this season. Of course, first who are trying to throw him under the bus come to say, "he should develop to be better player and got bigger role every year, not lose ice-time". That's a partial truth, but Jokerit is also more stacked team this year than in the past.

So his ice-time has dropped over 3 minutes. What does this do to his production? Of course it drops. But his production per ice time hasn't seen a big dip. He shoots more per icetime than ever. His shooting percentage has had some dip because of that, but those usually differ with every player by every year.

I remember, at erlier seasons, Teemu played as a pointman the power-play. Usually pointmen get lots of assists through that role. They send the puck in front of the goal, and all of jarkkoruutus of the world put the rebounds in. Assist to pointmen. He is missing these points because the existence of Erik Karlsson. Just is "a bit better" pointman. I wouldn't worry about missing assists at all. He is a goal scorer.

Also because of that stacked Jokerit team, Pulkkinen has played mainly on the half-defensive 3rd line with worse linemates (like Rask). That always eats your production. I could say, it eats more than his per minute drop actually is. Also this switch from left side to the right has done some things. He less vulnerable to lose the puck, but can't make the play as much. Winning hockey, less scoring, but better defence.

His 2010-11 season was just "too good", inflated with some stats and people are looking these later seasons all the time against it. That misleads this whole discussion. He is doing the same things on the ice, or even more, but season 2010-11 was some kind of "over-production". He is now maybe a little bit less productive, but with a lot better defence. And that's what Jokerit and Detroit management want him to be.

I just don't care about his point production, it is what it is. I know he can score when he will get some world-class playmaker to center him. I'm just happy that he got his skating better at last summer, that was his biggest weakness. And this more defensive role has got his defensive game better. He is definitely more ready to jumo in AHL than year ago. The skill and scoring ability doesn't disappear anywhere. They will dig it out again some day, when the other flaws in Teemu's game have been stripped out.

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