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12-19-2012, 07:14 AM
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Originally Posted by CroHabitant View Post
Did Visp used it's best lineup ?
Not really... They sure had dressed Domenico Pittis and Dominic Forget, but they never saw the ice time they usually do... They had Phillippe Portner in the line-up (i thought he played a lot) and he had retired last season and a couple of 1st amateur league playes from Thun (their partner-team) and one Elite Jr. B-Player...

Originally Posted by MB Stars View Post
Thanks for the update Rafik!
Btw did Niffeler allow all 6 goals?
No, Nyffeler allowed two goals and Boltshauser 4... Both played good and had a couple of good saves... They are two totaly different goalies and while Nyffeler, despite his small size, plays deep in his net, Boltshauser is the more aggressive and challenges shooters by cutting their angles...
So it's acutally not fair, because Nyffeler again will get the better stats and has played in a total different situataion. After the two goals allowed the whole team played with more composure and Nyffeler had faced around 10 shots. He showed good positioning, expecially with his glove... Then Boltshauser came in and got beaten after a couple of minutes with a beutiful deflection and from that moment on it was run-and-gun for the swiss. They opened up and played forward to catch that deficit. So Boltshauser saw more scoring chances against him than Nyffeler and thatfore catched more goals...

I believe that Kuonen and Boltshauser will play the exhibition game in Russia and I'm still sure, that Boltshauser will be the starter...

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