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Originally Posted by Bodacious View Post
What Thomas has been able to do these last few years is incredible. But if you are looking for signs of decline, just look at last season. He wasn't as consistent as he had been the previous season. Yes, it was still a damn good season, but it wasn't 2010-11. Given where he is in his career, it is much more likely that he will continue to decline as opposed to regaining the form of 2010-11.

What Thomas provided for this fan base is incalculable, and I don't trivialize the deserved loyalty that many here have for him. Many would want him as the starter regardless of how he plays - he has earned the trust of the fanbase. If however you look at it from an analytical perspective, the inevitable decline is near or already in progress. He still may be good enough wherever the season starts. But good enough usually doesn't win Stanley. Ask a Devil's fan.
While nobody can disagree that he let in softies from time to time, show me a goalie who doesn`t let those in. The truth was/is, Timmy set that bar of expectations so high that it will be some time before another goalie accomplished what he did. The ENTIRE team last year had long stretches where they struggled in all 3 zones and as we have all seen, eventually, a goalie can`t continue to bail out the team all the time.

In the Cup year, even during that insane winning/point streak they had, Timmy literally stole points when the team didn`t deserve any, last year, he stole a few too, but couldn`t do it as much as in the previous season, not shocking. This team looked bloody tired all season, some could argue disinterested at times, and when that happens, it usually isn`t just one or two players, it seems everyone goes along for that ride.

I have no clue where Timmy finished stat-wise, problem is, in his time in Boston, the guy won far more games than he ever lost in a spoked B uniform, had an unreal playoff run, and provided this fan his first ever Cup celebration after over 30 years of watching Bruin hockey and for THAT, I will always be a Timmy fan. He did what we want from a #1 to do, stop pucks when it counts, no goalie will ever be able to do it consistently and all the time (Brodeur up to last year, looked awful come playoff time in his previous 2-3 visits to the playoffs) but nobody questions his greatness.

Let us also not forget, playing behind Corvo/Zanon and to a lesser degree, Matau(spelling?) will always cause fits for goalies.

Not a massive fan of Timmy`s off ice beliefs however, I don`t look to professional athlete`s to provide me with setting the bar of personal morals/values

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