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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
WHL uses birth year, not draft year. So in every respect, guys like Sutter are 19 year olds. They have had the exact same amount of time eligible to be in the WHL as a Scheifele at 19. They should be just as physically developed by the end of their 19 year old year as a regular age draftee who finishes their 19 year old year. The stupid NHL makes things confusing by making certain birthdays wait a year for being drafted, but in any other respect, Sutter is like an 11 draftee. IMO, he should be treated as such.

Remember though, I am not saying Sutter has to step into NHL. But he needs to be ready to play AHL or even ECHL, just like ANY other 20 year old. If you cannot even crack an AHL/ECHL roster (especially a talent poor St. John's lineup) at 20, you are done as an NHL prospect.
Makes sense. I re-looked at Eberle as a reference and noticed that he played two years after being drafted, but those were just his 3rd and 4th CHL seasons.

So they (Sutter and Eberle) both started in the CHL at 16, and even though this will just be Sutter's 1st year after being drafted, it's his 4th year in junior as he was drafted at 19 and Eberle at 18.

I was originally incorrect in thinking that guys like Eberle and Giroux that played two years after being drafted would get more games and practices as overall they would have the same amount of years in the CHL.


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