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12-19-2012, 08:36 AM
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I'm surprised how many people have Lazar dropping in their rankings. Yet, when you hear people in the know talk about him (For instance Peter Loubardias (WHL commentator) says him going anywhere outside the Top 10 would be a steal), or you watch it, it frankly boggles the mind that anyone can see him and have him drop on your lists. Yeah, I get that he might not have elite scoring talent (Though he might have elite level playmaking abilities), but the intangibles (Heart, defensive game, selflessness, leadership, attitude) all seem to be there. I'd be much more confident in my team taking Lazar high than abour 90-95% of the players in this draft.

Nice to see Madison Bowey make the Top 30. He still has his fair share of bad pinches, odd positioning choices and head-scratching defensive plays, but the speed is without compare, the passing is good, and the shot is terrific, and, recently, he's been working on his physical play and he absolutely cranked a couple Hurricanes last week. He could really turn out to be one of those "How did we miss him?!" picks when all is said and done.

I also like seeing Justin Bailey on the list. He seems to get better by the game and with his massive frame and athletic bloodlines and good coaching, he might end up the best power forward in the draft.
Big Lazar fan, also surprised he's dropped out of the top 10 even though I still think he'll be back in the top 10 and if not one of the best players in the draft to not be taken in the top 10.

Baffled that Horvat, Duclair (injured for some time), and Domi are all omitted from the top 30 skaters, all guy could fall in from 15-30 IMO (Duclair, Horvat, Domi in that order)

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