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12-19-2012, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Fly Boy View Post
I probably will. I just got caught in a weird situation. I told my girlfriend I was going to the game tonight and she should come, because afterwards I was going to take her to a bar I had been telling her about. She said yes. Problem is that on Monday she made plans with a friend to hang out yesterday, but then she rescheduled to today (This was after I told her about the game and after she had told a different friend we would go on a double date with her).

Also a friend of mine said he was going to go about a week ago and said he would buy the tickets. I said yes but he forgot and he didn't even think we were going yesterday when I text him. Add onto that if his roommate came he is underage and we couldn't get into the bar. Adding even more, now his girlfriend is coming back to campus for the night and he might not even go.

This is where things get tricky. I would want to get there around 6-6:30 to watch warmups, but my girlfriend doesn't get off of work until 5pm or later. Frankly I need a ride to the stadium since my sister already took the car and went back to my parents for the holidays early. If none of them go that's fine I could take the bus down, but classes have ended so the buses only run every hour and they stop at 7pm. I could ride the bus downtown to get to the game, but not back (I am not paying for a cab to get back). Plus I would then have noone to go to the bar with afterwards.

Either way I've got about 5 hours to figure out whats going on or I probably wont be going to the game.
haha, thanks for the play by play...

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