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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
I completely agree with this.

Gally is a third overall pick who is already demonstrating that he could be expected to produce 70 points per year by his second year, and 80 or more by his third year. And 30 goals or more.

He will be facing teams third line checkers, or perhaps their first line, where he'll have to be better offensively than his counterpart, not better defensively. Let the other team's number 1 center worry about D for once, not ours.

I'm completely uninterested in his D ability, because he won't need any, or just some, when he faces Crosby. And he will not face Crosby that much, at home anyway. We will have a third line ace centre for that job such as Eller perhaps. Gally will back check as required, fine, but that will not be his job.

Habs have been so bad on offense, for so long, that many guys here have forgotten what true offensive talent and aggression is, and think the best we can expect is Pleks.

Back checking is hard work, but easy, he'll learn to do it when needed. Offense is rare talent, and it is what wins you cups.

I don't give a **** about Gally's D ability at this point. None. I am watching him intensely only to see if he might finally be a centre for Habs that can score goals.
Come playoffs though he will be more likely to face opposition equal to or better than him more often and that's when you want him to be able to play just as well defensively when the ice isn't opened up. And winning playoffs means winning cups.

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