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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Actually you're wrong. Macros are not just macros, just like calories are not just calories. Thinking that way proves very little understanding of the human body, or its functioning.
Fact is, your body is constantly burning calories. It's even burning calories while you sleep, and while digesting. Point of this is, not every macro or calorie you intake is burned as fast. Your body will burn more calories eating fibers and veggies than say white bread, etc...
The human body is a very complicated thing.

Never seen Fat Head, but there is many things to look at. First off, he limited 100g of Carbs per day, and consumed only 2000 calories (900 of which was fat, 100g of fat x 9 cal=900). It seems that his idea was to show that fat isn't bad, which I fully agree with. Nothing surprising there.
Also, his HDL goes down, that's the supposed good cholesterol. It doesn't improve, quite the opposite.

Here's another crazy thought, eat nothing, you'll likely lose weight. But it won't make you healthy.

Tom Naughton is an advocate of the Paleo diet, which, in a nutshell, limits you to meats and veggies/greens, some fruits, nuts and seeds. I'm all for that, although a modernized version.

Moral of the story, know what you eat, it remains the key factor for both gaining or losing weight the right way. It's all about nutrition buddy, even Tom watched his intake in this movie. If anything it further backs up the fact it's all about nutrition.
You can eat crap and lose fat or add lean mass. You just need to be smart about it. You don't need to eat chicken and steamed broccoli. You can eat a bacon double cheeseburger every day, just make it fit in your daily macros and caloric requirements.

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