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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
The NHL wants a $60M cap in 13-14 which is 7 months away if there is a season in 12-13. The NHL has proposed players making above $105,000 counting against the cap starting ASAP. No compliance buyouts. Its less than $60M with the NHL contracts above $105,000 AHL.

At least 20 out of 30 teams would be in cap hell if this happens. Players will be dumped for nothing. If before, you were the only one trying to deal away one well-paid superstar, now there will suddenly be 30-35 players making over $4 million on the market all together.

There would be only about a half a dozen teams with cap room to purchase $4-8 million players. However, the very reason they are so far under the old cap is that they are not profitable and cannot take on more payroll. The Isles flat-out cannot afford a $60 payroll, no matter what the cap is.

There might be 3-4 well-paid guys moving from one team to another, but the reality is that most teams would be unable to come under the cap no matter what unless there's some kind of a buy-out. Plus, with a massive number of teams trying to get rid of players and only a few teams able to take them, these guys will have little to no value, maybe even negative value.

Everyone sits there talking about being "for players" or "for owners", but how about being for the game? How is it good for the game to have most of the teams in a cap hell, trying to give away top-6 players for free?

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