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12-19-2012, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Paradise View Post
Time for me to go on a wild tangent!

Another form of celebrity is the serial killer. Do we need to see a pretend knife in one of their hands for a photo op? How about someone who just got busted for a DUI, taking pics with a beer behind the wheel? How about Obama holding a remote control pretending to bomb children? I know those are crimes, but it's the lack of class and arrogance that makes me sick. Nobody likes a bragger IMO.

P.S I'm sure someone will make some type of excuse for this type of pathetic behaviour.
Why does he need to excuse his behaviour?

he's 21. And he's acting his age. I have tons of dumb photos of me doing stupid **** when I was 21.

He's holding a wad of cash that he probably won in the casino, and unlike Theo Fleury, was smart enough to not stick it in his suitcase when he flies home. He's excited that he won, so he's taking a pic of him being a baller. Course...his dress is unacceptable.

And he wona bunch of cash...he's not a serial killer. thats a bit of a stretch.


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