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12-19-2012, 01:00 PM
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EK is who he is and has been since he was 15 in Vancouver, itís just we get to share his charm with the world via twitter today . TNSE and his teammates will roll their eyes (well maybe not the Haines who must want to kill him) because this is the exact guy they know all too well.

From a Jets business perspective this photo doesn't change anything, he has always been a dbag but he's our 20 year old 30 goal scoring dbag. I have one and only one fear and that is the $30 million gets him soft and lazy like a boxer who has won his title and he loses his edge. We are always rolling the dice on long term deals with guys of questionable character. Notice how the Avs did a two year deal with Dutch taking the wait and see approach to a similar asset. Kane has never struck me as the lazy type but he has never had $30 million before and we better prey he doesnít go Jamarcus Russell on us.

On a side note it looks like Russell will be joining a long list of NFL players (70%) who will go broke in their life time. Itís not hard to pi55 away $40 million

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