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12-19-2012, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by SensibleGuy View Post
yeah yeah yeah, he's just a kid havin a good time. I get that. My problem isn't really with whats in the pic, its the fact that he posts stuff like that on twitter. He's either too stupid to realize it might be a problem, or he knows and just doesn't care. In either case, it shows a pretty poor character on his part. I think that sort of stuff carries over into the locker room and the way he interacts with coaches and staff. If he isn't willing to examine his choices for the time it would take to say "hmmm, should I or should I not post this pic of me holding two fat wads of cash in Vegas while we're in the midst of a contentious negotiation on twitter?" then how does he respond when the coaches suggest he maybe examine some aspect of his game? Does he just do what he wants or does he listen?
Why do we hold him to a higher standard then we do ourselves? As I've said...I have alot of dumb pictures of myself on facebook.

I'd be a lot more concerned if he was like 25 and doing this. But he's not. He's a talented kid who knows he's talented.

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