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12-19-2012, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Paradise View Post
Time for me to go on a wild tangent!

Another form of celebrity is the serial killer. Do we need to see a pretend knife in one of their hands for a photo op? How about someone who just got busted for a DUI, taking pics with a beer behind the wheel? How about Obama holding a remote control pretending to bomb children? I know those are crimes, but it's the lack of class and arrogance that makes me sick. Nobody likes a bragger IMO.

P.S I'm sure someone will make some type of excuse for this type of pathetic behaviour.
I laughed when I saw the photo, but realized some would make it into something big.

Sure, this was a dumb PR move and nobody likes a bragger, but I really don't care if Kane brags so long as he scores goals. They are athletes, not our friends. Not sure how a stack of cash is more offensive than Bogo tweeting a picture of a new pickup truck or his new house. It is their money, they can spend it as they wish.

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