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Originally Posted by HotToddy View Post
So the owners in the NHL are all going to sell their clubs to a single entity? Not bloody likely.
You must have missed my post earlier... it's easily done. All that is required is to have the NHL owners receive shares in the amalgmated league. Say Toronto's owner receives 11% stake the league, the CBJ owner receives 3%, etc. All of this is based on their current "franchise value" today. Every owner shares in the growth of the league. If the relative contribution to league value changes, it is relatively easy to assign a given owner additional shares as a bonus so that his overall stake in the league increases.

Owners of rich teams may go for it because they'll get a larger stake of the league and presumably a greater say in league decisions.
Poorer owners go for it because their downside is eliminated in an (overall) profitable league.
Both ownership camps (and everyone in the middle) go for it because they get absolute cost containment by assigning a salary grid.

Players can't complain about antitrust/monopoly because it is a single entity, multinational league that has competition from 3rd party international leagues (KHL, SEL, etc). They could argue there is no domestic competition, but given how many players have immigrated to NA to play in the NHL, the argument that there should be guaranteed domestic competition would fall on deaf ears... international relocation and travel is at the very heart of the pro athlete profession.

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