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Originally Posted by rookie boy View Post
When the Owners set out their first proposal, of course you knew the Players reaction's would be pretty negative about money loss. Understandable, and the start of the negotiation process.

If money was still this large chasm and a huge gulf, then I can see this process of DOI and actually preparing for this fight that will most likely cancel the season.

But the money part has actually been negotiated. Make whole, HRR, both sides are now comfortable with the numbers.

So now you are going to this entire F%#* up process over contract length?? Length of CBA?? Is that what you are willing to loose the rest of this and possibly the next season over?

I still can't believe it. The money part is settled (if the players accepted the three Owner stipulations).

This to me is like the financial part of the Arena deal getting finalized between Katz and the City, and then falling apart over the name of the building.

To partially quote the movie The Rainmaker, "you (the players) are stupid, stupid, stupid"
While in part I agree with you... contract length = numbers for a good number of guys in the league. At the level just below the star player (think Mike Fisher, Malholtra, Volchenkov etc)... any guy who comes to UFA at a moment when they are among the best at their role... they are 27... they may only have 3 more years (or even two), contract lenght and spreading cap hit over it is the best way for them to get a big payday.

If contracts are capped, it becomes that much more difficult to pay Volchenkov $4M/year... paying a generational talent cap-max over 10 years allows you to pay elite talent near top-dollar over 7 years, which in turn allows you to pay decent players $4M x 5 years.... that flexibility just trickles down and allows you to drive salaries up.

The owners know this... that's why they see it as a major cost-containment factor.

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