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Originally Posted by 29Potvins View Post
I don't understand these two points of view. Neither of you know whether or not the players have or plan to write cheques to charity - so you assume they aren't and are condemning them for not doing so. YET, if you DO hear about them writing cheques to a charity, you chastise them for being part of the "PR machine".. there's no winning with you two, is there?

Second of all, players and other celebrities certainly hold a hell of a lot more influence than you or me. So I'm all for it if they can influence more people to donate to charity. Volunteering time and effort is giving. Since when is charity judged upon how "hard" your effort is or that it has to be done as an individual effort?

If you are speaking out against people donating time/effort to put on an event to help charity, then I question whether you care or know the purpose of a charity and donation. To me, it sounds like giving to charity is a chore to you, and that you only do it for the sense of moral superiority - which you use to knock down others.. shame on you.

You should have stopped after your first line because it speaks volumes.

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