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Originally Posted by Tintin's Ghost View Post
The first thing I thought when I saw this that how much money Evander saved by not tipping at Winnipeg restaurants?

On a more serious note, I recognize now that he is listening to his money to hear the faint echo of "bling" the way one listens to a sea shell to hear the sound of the ocean.

My only concern is that he didn't spend this money locally. I know the US economy is hurting but that was self-inflicted. Don't throw good money after bad. Spend in Canada. Especially if you just gonna rock the sweatpants. Lots of quality sweat pants stores up here.

Kane's an awesome hockey player but it should be kept there, not expanded into role model territory. If we're talking about role models then take your kid to Lincoln. Great movie, great role model. We're kinda paying the price as a society by placing athletes on such a pedestal. Folks around here freaked out when Buff did a post-game interview with dip in his mouth. And the houseboat thing. Chicago media gets uptight when college kids post pictures of a drunken Patrick Kane partying with them. Seriously, who cares. Pay a young man with a high school education millions of dollars and see what you get. It's not going to be the second coming of Jesus.

People start the hero-worship process with athletes after a few sporting accomplishments then get the wind knocked out of them when they realize hero boy is rather mediocre in the leadership/personality/character department. Hopefully Lance Armstrong and his one nut have let enough people down that we are backing away from lauding a bunch of jocks as heroes.

And why would the Free Press make a big deal out of this? I thought Lawless was there to pump their tires, no?
Lawless has said far less than flattering things about Kane, Burmi and Hainsey.

Seems to me that he writes op-eds looking for reaction.

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