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12-19-2012, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by indigobuffalo View Post
Toronto would be a better place to play if the Bills were actually based out of Toronto.

I agree with Eric Wood. If there is no fan support, it makes it complete BS for the Bills to play there. It's like having 5 home games converted to away games. That's an unfair edge for the other 29 teams.

Who knows, if the fans were messing up playcalling like they would normally, and the Bills win those games, they could be playoff bound right now with an extra 4 wins, or at least in contention.

If I'm a Bills player, I'd be pissed.

As a Leaf fan, this is one thing we've been complaining about for years, where the fans at the game are mostly execs and are just there to talk business deals, so the crowd is seldom ever into the game...
This is rapidly fading into the mists of time, but when the Leafs are good and it's a playoff game the ACC is as loud as anywhere.

Similar to the Bills, maybe the fans need something to actually cheer for?

It is laughable for anyone to blame the toronto crowd for the Bills losing games. The Bills stink.

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