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12-19-2012, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Hammer Slammer View Post
I have buried myself in junior hockey (watching Jets prospects) and other sports such as the NFL right now. My girlfriend likes that I'm only busy watching that a few days a week rather than every other day like the NHL.

Come spring time it'll be the MLB and the Blue Jays. I'll find other things to spend my money on and I don't think the NHL will get any more of it.
I'm already spending time on the Blue Jays, watching their moves, seeing what othe teams in the AL are doing, and patiently waiting till spring training starts.

Can't really get into Junior although I love the hockey. I need a team I can actually follow, as in watch all the games, see them live occasionally etc. I have been playing hockey a little more than last year. I find that actually participating the game makes it easier to bear and harder at the same time.

It really sucks balls not to be able to watch my Jets this year after JUST getting them back. If the owners can get a deal that will honestly stabilize the league, then I am all for losing a season. It will hurt some markets very badly though.

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