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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I don't see how you can make this dichotomy.

Montreal has four solid schools on the island alone:


Universite de Montreal has excellent research, some of the best in the country and is ranked well globally as well. Institutes like Ecole Polytechique de Montreal and HEC are the best of their kind in the country. McGill is a solid research university in the world. Concordia is the largest school in the country has one of the best business schools. UQAM is a decent school as well.

I really wonder how you guys keep saying all your standards are so low because of low tuition, yet Montreal has some of the best research institutes in the country, and definitely the highest concentration of them.

I just think you guys are way too critical of Montreal. This is coming from an outsider, you should be proud of what this city has in terms of higher education. It is no surprise that Montreal consistently ranks high on university city rankings globally.
How can you say this when we have rankings in the exact same thread showing Montreal has only school that shows up high in any rankings?

UQAM a decent school? Compared to what?

Montreal the largest concentration of research institutes in the country? Ever heard of Toronto?

I'm not saying the universities in Mtl are total crap, they are actually relatively good. We're just not at a level where we can compare ourselves to the best school in the world or even the best schools in North-America, apart from McGill.

And with low tuition, the discrepancy with the ROC and the US will get worst and worst, it's mathematical really.

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