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12-19-2012, 04:40 PM
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3rd Lines

I'm not sure what to think of Macon's third line. Arvedson is a decent two-way player that can chip in a little offense, Drouin is a good offensive player for a 3rd line who doesn't seem to bring anything in terms of intangibles(and is pretty small) and Audette is a good offensive player for 3rd lines, and brings a little defensive ability. It looks like a 3rd line that's heavily leaned towards offense with a little defensive ability sprinkled in.

Eisbaren's 3rd line has a much more traditional 3rd line build. Osborne was voted to the first AS team here, and Zajac was voted as the 4th best bottom 6 forward, but is on the 2nd AS team because the only 3 guys ahead of him were centers as well. Macon's group will probably put in more goals, but in terms of serving as a traditional 3rd line, it won't be effective. It features a guy with decent size(Arvedson) that wasn't physical, and two smaller guys that aren't physical at all. I see this line getting pushed around by physical defensive corps, and physical forward groups as well. My 3rd line would grind this line into a dust with Osborne and Hunter being known muckers and grinders that chip in offense as well. Hunter isn't on the level of Zajac or Osborne defensively, but he's still decent.

Overall, Macon's line is the most offensively talented line, but I see them getting pushed around because they're small and non-physical, while not really serving the purpose of a traditional 3rd line. I think the gap between the offense of these 2 groups is definitely smaller than the gap in defense and intangibles, which is way in favor of Eisbaren. Add in the fact that Osborne and Zajac were rated among the top bottom 6 players in the draft, and none of Macon's guys were even mentioned, I'd give the advantage to Eisbaren here.

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