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12-19-2012, 06:04 PM
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Originally Posted by xdl1 View Post
Yes, union busting. It has nothing to do with the NHL, and it has nothing to do with sports negotiation. This kind of thing has been going on since the days of the titans in the American industrial revolution. Huge corporate entities with more money at their disposal than you could count in a lifetime forcing entire classes of people to cater to their demands by withholding their ability to earn wages.

It's not about the how much the players make. It's the idea that with each successive negotiation, they will be forced to take significantly less, regardless of the success of the ownership. It happens in all forms of negotiation, and it's taken on a totally new life within the last 10 years or so.

You're correct, they would still make a boatload of money should they agree today to terms. That's not my argument, that's yours. If you want to disagree, you're welcome to do so, but my argument to yours is apples and oranges.
Classic fear mongering... I will agree that the pattern can, at first glance, seem menacing; however seeing as how the NHLPA has never played ball with the owners your conclusion seems premature.

If Kelly had remained head of the PA and the current scenario we are experiencing had unfolded you could have had a case worth making.

As of now you have nothing and fall back on scare tactics. You become what you hate I guess!

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