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Originally Posted by pensrule2011 View Post
I got to say it feels awesome that you can still have a championship roster and can have a 4,000,000 dollars in cap space.
I'm cheap. Later in my Be a GM 2017 or 18 I had to OVERsign Nick Schultz to be my 6th D. Paid him 4.5 just to get to the floor.
Won the cup...

I have 2 versions of the same Be a GM going. After the 2nd contract, 5 or 6 years in I took a job with the Canucks. Started with the Seals (PHX --> Seattle).

The Nick Schultz thing was for the Canucks. In my Seals 17/18 I am pretty tight to the cap, but at the deadline I moved Yandle and his 5+ and a couple of others. I think I am 8 or so below the cap now...

Like I said. Cheap. I do like to keep my core guys. I sign them long term though.
Drafted William Karlsson in 13 draft (even though he should be a Duck), played him tons since PHX had crap Centres. Now he is like my pet project.
Him and Jeremy Boyce-Rotevall. Drafter JBR 60th. He is now an 84(ish), my captain, plays PP, PK, has a stat line of 64-12-50-64 in 18/19. I will play until he and Karlsson retire.

When I took the job with the Canucks I took a few guys with me to quicken the rebuild. LAZAR (3rd OA in 2013), BARKOV (29th in 2013), GUDBRANSON (Alex) since they were on the cusp with my Seals dream team. I think they were all 79 OA. They flourished with the move to Vancouver. Was going to rescue Karlsson too, but wanted to develop LAZAR and BARKOV.

My goalie that I will keep forever (ala BRODEUR) is Johan Gustafsson. Originally drafted 159th by the Wild. Signed as a UFA, played on farm for 1-2 years, now 3 or 4 Vezina's in a row!!! An 84/85 OA!!

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