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Barrasso seems to be the weakest link to me (by the "mind's eye" test) out of the glut of contemporaries up there. Great first season, but outside of the '91 playoffs and the '92/93 Year of the Lemieux/Jagr Dragon he really doesn't have much to hang his hat on. I mean, he barely compares to Fuhr - as direct competition as a contemporary that you could probably hope to find - and imo Cujo and Beezer (despite the lack of Cup ring) can be shown to compare quite favourably to Belfour (who has obviously already been added to the fold).

Just to take a look, I fired up the count-a-majig to find out the stats for the decade between '91/92 and '01/02 (the decade of overlap with these guys as starters): [link to table] (limited to goalies who averaged 40 games/year over that period... arbitrarily "half" of a team's games)

Sure enough, you see Cujo, Beezer, and Belfour right there together in the group under Hasek/Roy/Brodeur when ranked by SV%. Now, I think Beezer had a lot of really good years that get cut off (that might even put him over the edge of them in some regards, but SV%s from the 80s don't usually look nice "raw"), so that's part of the nebula. Individual and team accolades/strengths/weaknesses, rhetoric, and anecdotes/observation factored in, I still think a person could value any one of those guys (Cujo, Beezer, Belfour, maybe even Fuhr and Barrasso) over the others.

Where Giacomin slots in is harder to peg. I almost think he has to be considered among the other Cup-less chaps (better than the ass-less kind?) than Barrasso at the lower end (despite his Cups). I almost think Giacomin and Beezer should be close to each other as workhorse guys asked to give a bit more behind teams with less to give, lol. Long uninterrupted pattern of strong regular seasons but not more than a handful of real quality playoff stories. And Fuhr and Barrasso should be compared to each other as the guys who wrote the highlights of their careers largely behind half of the dynasties represented in the "Top 4".

So I guess my first instinct is to go Giacomin over Beezer, and Fuhr over Barrasso, but I have no idea where to slide Joseph into all of that. Either in between the two groups, or at the end. Depends somewhat on the playoff/Cup value vs all-star nomination weight(s), 'cause Fuhr could (should?) be considered top of them all. Messy round. Results should be interesting.

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