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Originally Posted by Galchenyuk94 View Post
Totally disagree. I fit junk in my macros all the time and I put on all kinds of muscle this year. You need to hit your protein requirement, and caloric requirement. How you reach it is up to you.

Keep doin' what you're doing bro, what I'm doing works for me. Especially for Mr and Mrs everybody, you can't get them into fitness by being so extreme. The important part is exercise. Also food doesn't kill, obesity related health problems kill
This. I've tried clean bulks and "dirty bulks". I made more overall progress in 6 months of dirty bulking than I used to in 12 months of clean bulking. Yes both in muscle gains and %bf loss. BTW good luck eating a clean 5k calories a day on a bulk, you'd go crazy after a few weeks.

Some examples of my diet when putting on muscle mass:
2L of chocolate milk a day with 2 scoops of whey mixed in (one scoop in the morning one after working out)
One meal of either homemade double cheeseburgers/tacos/pizza a day
Two average steaks eaten over two portions (one with mashed potatoes and broccoli/green beans - the other with eggs and cheese few hours later)
Breakfast would either be ham&eggs with toast (steak sometimes if I had some remaining) or a homemade burrito
Banana in the morning upon waking, and banana at the end of my workout. Blackberries throughout the day.
Huge glass of water every 60 minutes without fail
Once a week I would replace the steaks with a chicken breast or veal
Once a week I would replace the junk meal with a chicken breast or veal

Workout 4 times a week for 60 minutes. 20 minutes of cardio once a week.

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