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12-19-2012, 07:12 PM
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Due to the fact that GM Connected still has some flaws, we have designed a system that will allow us to waive and claim prospects without leaving waivers "ON" during the advances.

If I turn waivers off during the advance, which is a must, all waiver claims are voided.

So to avoid this, I will turn waivers on during the blocks we play so we can all see who is being "waived".

If you wish to claim a player on the waiver list, you must post your desire to claim that player in this thread and you MUST have a contract spot open.

If multiple teams claim that player, that player will go to the team with the least amount of points. If multiple teams tied in points claim that player, it will go by least wins, then least goals.

Once it has been decided which team wins the waiver claim, the team that waived the player will trade him to the winning team. Each team will basically swap 7th round picks and select the player swapping teams.

Once we are set to advance to the next block, I will turn waivers off so EA doesnt claim or waive anyone we dont want them too!

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