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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post

The only player I'd even consider over Jensen from that draft (taken outside the top 10) is Baertschi, and even then I think we needed the size and natural finishing Jensen provides more than a dynamic play maker (although Baertschi with kesler would be some kinda nice).

I don't think you can make a case for any pick 10-40 in that draft that I'd take over Jensen at this point.

Baertschi had significant concussion problems coming out of the World Junior tournament held in Calgary - and now he is on the shelf again with head injuries. Given this you wonder about his long term prospects. Durability has to be a consideration in drafting and partly explains why Eberle got moved down the draft order.

Not saying Jensen is better b/c I don't think he is, but the issues with Baertschi's health have to be factored in.

Might also point to the idea that the slighter European players are better off developing in Europe rather than the meat grinder the AHL can be. If they are more physically developed and contact saavy then they might be more prepared for North American hockey. Jenson got creamed in his brief stint in the AHL last year and Rodin has been banged up a lot suggesting the difficulty of young Euros in trying to develop n the AHL.

Can't be too definitive about that but certainly a consideration.

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