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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
As a Penguin fan, I don't think Barrasso has much to stand on in this round. I don't know his Buffalo days all that well, mind you, but he's not any where near Fuhr territory I don't believe.
Obviously, Vezina voting isn't everything, but Barrasso does have a slightly better Vezina record than Fuhr (and a better record anyone else not yet added), and most of it is from Buffalo.

Vezina record in Buffalo: 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 9th in 5 seasons
In 1989 (split between Pittsburgh and Buffalo): 7th
Vezina record in Pittsburgh: 2nd, 3rd in 10.5 seasons

For all the slack Barasso gets about being up and down in Pittsburgh (and he was), he was actually quite consistent early on - Vezina finalist in 3 of his first 5 seasons, received at least a vote for the Vezina (which means an NHL GM thought he was a top 3 goalie) in 5 of his first 6 seasons.

Edit: Barrasso was also at least 30 goals above replacement in 5 of his first 6 seasons, according to the tables above.

I'm kind of thinking similarly, O_J, messy is a good way to put it. There's no way I'm not putting Fuhr at number one, as I think it's a tad bit silly to be still talking about him. I'm pretty sure Gump is 2, at least it seems that way...not that he's a sterling medalist at this point either, there seems to be less negatives about him at least vs. Lumley and Rayner.
It's definitely messy. It's definitely reasonable to have Fuhr/Worsley 1/2 and I'm considering doing so myself, but is that just doing the easy thing and throwing the two remaining dynasty goalies in the top 2 spots?

Does Worsley have fewer negatives than Lumley or Rayner? I honestly think he might have more negatives - Rayner never lost his starting job on merit until he was older (in 1948, there was Henry coming back from the war and an injury involved and Rayner got the job back by the playoff), and if Lumley lost his starting job, it was when he was older and there was a holdout involved. Worsley was in a tandem a couple of times in NY and had trouble establishing himself as the starter in Montreal. On the other hand, Worsley definitely has more positives than those two - namely winning 4 Cups, 2 as a starter, 1 in a tandem with Charlie Hodge, and 1 in a tandem with Rogie Vachon.

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