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12-19-2012, 07:49 PM
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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post

DP hurts his knee, comes back early.
DP hurt again. Comes back early.
Favors other knee. Hurts other knee. Both knees down. COMES BACK EARLY.

Yeah, poor guy has to work hard because he wouldn't stay put and heal. Poor guy.

LMAO! Look through any thread about DP and you will see two things. Early when he was injured people COMPLAINING that he isn't playing. The guy comes back early from injuries and gets hurt. Now they are complaining that he won't retire. Don't you see how reading through these forums can be agonizing? Which is it? Sit and rehab and make sure you are fully healed while fans complain...or come back early. Either way fans are going to complain it seems. Most of the criticism about DP is mind numbing migraine inducing.

Crap about "will to play", contract to long, egotism,'s all garbage perception and unless you know the guy you just can't prove it. The only thing concrete is the contract and everyone knows that is not his fault.

The ONLY thing you can say about him with concrete assertion (not opinion) is that he has been injured too much and the few times he's played it's been below average and quite poor. Anything after that is nonsense.

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