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Originally Posted by Number8 View Post
Work stoppage?????

You may think the players are spoiled and overpaid -- that's fine, they probably are.

However, in 2005 the players agreed to a Cap and took and instant 24% pay cut. The fact that worked out to their advantage is more a testament to the owner's lack of foresight than anything else.

Now in 2012 -- at the first opportunity since -- the owner's first offer was another 24% cut (57% to 43% share).

I don't care what you make a year -- $40K, $400K, $4M, or $4B -- if someone demands you take a 24% cut every time the deal governing your so called "partnership" comes up for re-negotiation expect things to get ugly.
If they'd agreed to lock the cap in at the same rate as 2011-12 ($64m) there would be no need for a rollback.

PARTICULARLY given the fact that the owners can't even guarantee the league problems will be solved with the proposal they first came out with. Instead of being hard *****, they should have shown some humility and said "we all have to cut" -- you help us, we'll put in some meaningful revenue sharing, and we'll work together to ensure we have longterm success and continued growth.

Instead they came across as total ass wipes.

The Work Stoppage is due to the fact that Bettman and the owners don't know jack diddly about how to run a league -- despite $3.3B in revenues.
All that makes perfect sense to talk about during the existing CBA. Say in 2009 or perhaps 2010 or maybe even 2011 or just throwing it out there the first half of 2012.

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